PSP AV Cable

April 29, 2017 - Comment

Features include: •MPAA Rating: PG•Format: Blu-Ray

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Features include:

•MPAA Rating: PG
•Format: Blu-Ray


Darryl says:

I love this PSP AV Cable I love this PSP AV Cable, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I use it on my PSP 3001 running Custom Firmware 6.60 PRO-C. I was worried that a cable less than $10 would be poorly made, however, it is very high quality.If you use this cable on a PSP running Factory Firmware, plug the AV ends into your television and the PSP ends into your PSP, turn on your PSP, enter the Connected Display Settings menu, select Switch Video Output, when prompted answer YES, then select TV Type…

Pat O'Donnell says:

These are RCA composite cables – NOT component cables Note: Upon first ordering this item, I received the wrong item (I received a box with a Playstation 2 AV adapter) – this was quickly returned and Amazon shipped me the right item. This review is of the correct item.Playing your PSP games on the big screen may sound awesome (and it certainly is sometimes) but it’s not without it’s drawbacks. First, the item worked flawlessly – but it will ONLY work with the PSP 2000 and 3000 lines – if you have a PSP 1000, there is no way that I…

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